Shooting My Very First Osprey With Fish

The Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve is a haven for different species of birds and a draw for wildlife photographers of different levels of skill. I’m one of those photographers that frequent the wetland and on the day of August 27, 2020, I got my first photographs of an Osprey with a fish.

I brought with me the Sony A9, the Sony 200-600mm (SEL200600g) lens with a 2x teleconverter. All my shots were handheld. Among the several shots of birds that day, shown above are three of them. The Osprey with the fish is common near lakes and other bodies of water in Southern California. The Snowy Egret flying with its smaller size and yellow feet that distinguish itself for the Great Egret. And the very still Little Blue Heron, a surprising find in this area.

Lately, I’m converting my straight wildlife shots into “fine art” by adding clouds to boring blue skies. Could be controversial to the purists but below are some of the photos.

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