A Day at the Cabrillo Beach Pier

I might have started too early for a 35 mile early morning drive from my home just to avoid the rush hour traffic on the 405. I was hoping for the sun to peek out of the totally overcast sky when I arrive at the Cabrillo Beach Pier. Alas, it was not meant to be as the light was too flat for my liking to get some dynamic photos out of the scenes.

There’s plenty of parking where you can get a ticket from the parking meters for a dollar an hour. I got there a few minutes after seven in the morning and I found mostly fishermen, some strollers and joggers on the pier.

You can see the pier starts on the left and the breakwater on the right which leads to the Los Angeles Harbor (Angel’s Gate) Lighthouse at the end.

Pedestrian access to the Los Angeles Harbor (Angels’s Gate) Lighthouse is prohibited but there were brave rule breakers that threaded the dangerous rocks of the breakwater in the past.

The breakwater from another vantage point. Take note of the big red signs that warn people to not go into the breakwater.

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