The Goldwell Open Air Museum

When visiting the ruins of Rhyolite, NV, photographers shouldn’t miss the Goldwell Open Air Museum which is practically walking distance from the center of the ghost town. The museum consists mainly of sculptures, the most prominent is the “Last Supper” which consists of ghostly figures arranged like the painting by Leonardo the Vinci.

The Last Supper
A sculpture “The Last Supper” by Albert Szukalski. Live models were used where shapes molded by draping plaster-soaked burlap over them.

The Belgian artist, Albert Szukalski created the outdoor museum’s first sculptures, one is the “Ghost Rider” as shown below besides the “Last Supper” shown above. The museum was organized after his death and since then other artists added works to the project. Another prominent sculpture is the “Lady Desert: The Venus of Nevada” (shown below) , by Hugo Heyrman; a rather colorful art installation made of cinder blocks built like pixels in bright pink, and yellow. Another work is by Sofie Siegmann’s “Sit Here!”, created for the Lied Discovery Children’s Museum in Las Vegas, restored and moved to Goldwell in 2007.

The following map shows its location relative to the town of Beatty, NV and the ghost town of Rhyolite.



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