The SS Dominator Wreck


An interesting photographic subject lies on the shores of the Palos Verdes Estates in California. It’s the remains of the freighter SS Dominator that got caught on the rocks in 1961 due to navigational error. What is shown on the photo below (Photo No. 1) is what remains of the tractor or crane that was used to unsuccessfully salvage the ill fated ship.

One way to access the wreck is through a drainage pipe that runs between two properties from Paseo del Mar Avenue to the beach below. The concrete pipe is large enough to walk on but its steep incline and rocky ground require you to wear sturdy and durable hiking shoes. And the hike that begins from the foot of the pipe to the SS Dominator Wreck which is about three quarters of a mile is rocky and could be taxing to the ankles.

Photo No. 1: The remains of what looks like a crane or tractor that was used to salvage albeit unsuccessfully the Greek freighter SS Dominator that got caught in the rocks of the Palos Verdes Point, CA in 1961.


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