Abandoned Hangars by Tonopah, NV

Approximately 6 miles from the center of the town of Tonopah, NV are abandoned hangars at the so called Tonopah Air Force Base. It was said that three hangars remain at the site but during my visit, I only came upon two of them as shown and noted in Photo No. 1 below.

Photo No. 1: Location map of the Tonopah Air Force Base and the location of the abandoned hangars.

The place is deserted so photographers shouldn’t worry about anybody “photobombing” or getting into your shot. Although our main purpose of visiting the site is to photograph the hangars, there are other structures on the facility that might be of interest for shooters. The $3,000,000 facility that was completed in 1943 had runways, water storage tanks, quarters, barracks, supply buildings, school buildings, and range facilities.

Photo No. 2: Hangar #2 taken with a Sony A6000 converted camera into infrared at 665nm with the SEL16f28 pancake lens.
Photo No. 3: Hangar #2 Interior taken with the Sony A6000 converted to infrared at 665nm with the SEL16f28 pancake lens and VCL-ECF1 fisheye converter.


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