Civil War Days 2018

Around Labor Day or Memorial Day weekends, the Civil War Days reenactments are held at the Huntington Beach Central Park in Huntington Beach, CA.

Photo No. 1: This pretty young lady reenactor is sitting by herself under a shady tree. When the sun is still high at around 2:30 pm, having the subject in the shade will provide softer lighting without the harsh light and shadow areas. Taken at ISO 100, f3.5 and 1/125s with the Sony A7rii and SEL85f14gm lens. A Sony HVL-F32M flash was used on TTL to fill in the shadows.

Photo No. 2: A colorful subject like this charming lady in a red wig reenacting a “lady of pleasure” provides great photographic opportunities.

Photo No. 3: A props like a cigar and some can add some interest and story to your shot.

Photo No. 4: A straight up photo with just an upright subject. Not a dynamic one but can just be a study on rigidity with the uniform and stern expression.

It should be noted the reenactors are eager to pose for photographs and conscientious of showing an authentic representation by their costumes and manners.

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